Poussette for three couples

A figure of progression.  In bars 1-4 couples 1 and 2 change places.  In bars 5-8 couples 1 and 3 change places, leaving couple 2 in first place, couple 3 in the middle and couple 1 at the foot.

All three couples take two hands with partner.

Bars 1-2

1st man pulling his partner, while 2nd and 3rd men push their ladies, dance two waltz steps out of the line of the set.

Couples 1 and 2 dance out obliquely to end with 1st man back to back with 2nd lady.

Bars 3-4

1st man, 2nd and 3rd ladies advance, drawing their partners with them, dance two waltz steps back into the line of the set.

Bars 5-8

Repeat this, but with couples 1 and 3 changing place and couple 2 simply moving out to the men’s side of the dance and back to the centre.

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