Convicts at Woolmers Symposium

Convicts at Woolmers: Convict Research Symposium

Saturday 3 September 2022

9.30 am – 4.30 pm

Woolmers, along with Brickendon, is world-heritage listed for its ability to illustrate the assignment system of convict transportation in practice.

This symposium will include presentations on convict life, and lives, at Woolmers; on outstanding recent developments in Tasmanian convict history; and on how anyone (including you!) can make best use of the multiple resources now available online for research in this field.

The symposium will take place amidst an amazing exhibition on a little-known aspect of convict life: Dancing in Fetters: the culture of convict dance. There will also be a bookstall enabling you to view and purchase all the latest publications on Tasmanian convict history.

The symposium will be co-hosted by internationally renowned convict historian, Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, and Woolmers’ cultural historian, Dr Anne Neale. Exhibition curator Dr Heather Clarke will speak at the symposium.

Short presentations (10 minutes max.) are invited from anyone who has information to share regarding a convict who worked at Woolmers, including their lives “before and after”. Please contact Woolmers by email before 3 August 2022 if you would like to make a presentation.

Cost, including entry to Woolmers & site tour notes; convict-oriented guided tour (optional); morning and afternoon tea, and light lunch: $80 per person (no concessions).

For planning purposes, please confirm your attendance at the symposium, and interest in taking the convict tour, no later than Friday 26 August 2022.


Travel & accommodation: Woolmers is situated 10 minutes drive from Longford, 30 minutes from Launceston, and about 2 hours from Hobart. A limited amount of historic cottage accommodation may be available on site at Woolmers for those wishing to stay overnight. See: Accommodation at Woolmers Estate

This project has been funded by the Australian Government’s Visions of Australia programme.

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