Australian colonial dance groups
Early colonial music
English country dance groups in Australia
Historical Dance sites
Museums and Historical Societies

Australian colonial dance groups

Most Australian colonial dance groups focus on dances from the second half of the colonial era.  This may change as information becomes more widely available.  The following groups may include some of these dances in their repertoire.

Australian Federation of Social Dancers.  This organisation lists all types of social dance in Austalia, including colonial dance.

Australian Heritage Dancers.  Sydney.

Sydney Bush Music Club.

Queensland Colonial And Heritage Dancers

Adelaide Colonial Dancers

Early colonial music

Austral Harmony Music and musicians in early colonial Australia. Graeme Skinner.

James Findlay Manuscript A collection of music from 1841

Laing, Alexander. The Life and Music of Tasmanian colonial fiddler Alexander Laing. (1792 – 1868).

McCrae Homestead Music Book. Frae the friends and land I love. Rosemary Richards.

English country dance groups in Australia & New Zealand.

Auckland English Country Dance and Early Dance Group

Dance Kaleidoscope, Brisbane

Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy, Canberra.

English Country Dancing in Sydney

Sydney Playford Dance Group
Tuesday 7.30pm at Marrickville
jlsbish (at)
On Facebook

Historical Dance sites

Australian Folklore Unit.  Curated by Warren Faye.
History of Dance in Australia.

The Bath Minuet Company. England

The Colonial Music Institute of America promotes research and educational outreach in early American music and dance. Excellent on-line resources and indexes.

The Quadrille Club, London

Lambertville Country Dancers, NJ.
A list of 1,20 videos of English Country Dancing organized alphabetically by David Tilove.

Museums and Historical Societies

Australian Folk Alliance

Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney.  Fascinating convict history.

Museum of Sydney, on the site of the first government house.
Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales.

Royal Australian Historical Society.

Australian Scottish Heritage. 
All aspects of Scottish/Australian heritage, history ancestry and culture.