Jane Austen Regency Ball

One night, one ball… dance like Jane Austen.

Take a trip back in time and join us to celebrate the life of Jane Austen on the bicentenary of her death.

Becomig Jane image :http://www.frockflicks.com/becoming-jane-2007/

Imagine yourself transported to the world of Jane Austen, walking straight into an elegant Ballroom, dancing to live music, having a Tête-à-tête with charming people, all as delighted to find themselves in Regency England.

Photos from the ball can now be viewed at http://www.festivalphotos.com.au/p693180442

Photography by Neda Lundy

The ball was held at

Sandgate Town Hall
21st October, 2017
7:00 – 11:00pm

Tickets for the Ball include entrance, dancing
in the beautifully restored Historic Sandgate Town Hall with delicious canapes on arrival and a buffet supper.

Dances are called by the wonderful Heather Clarke and there is live music supplied by the superb Phillip’s Dog.

Our Ball is a costumed event and all ladies and gentlemen dress in the style of the Regency or 18th Century period. The look is the Empire line, with a high waist just below the bust, very flattering and feels wonderful to wear. This is a terrific opportunity to go to town in a ball gown or breeches, plus all the accessories which look fantastic. Ideas for costumes can be found HERE

Katie and Roland, two members of Phillip’s Dog.

Regency dancing is elegant and refined. However, it is energetic but you do not have to dance every dance!  The programme will include dances popular in Jane Austen’s day  including a selection from the early colonial dance collection.  See our page Governor Phillip meets Jane Austen.

You do NOT need to come with a dance partner, and you may dance with anyone you like.
Lots of people come solo, or as groups, and couples of all descriptions are welcome.
Dance lessons are not mandatory, but strongly recommended if you have never done this kind of dance before. You can join a dance workshop with early Colonial Dance, details HERE and it will help everyone enjoy the evening to the fullest.  Next workshop at Samford on 13th October.

We expect demand for tickets to be high for this special bicentenary event; so do not delay in securing your place, as tickets are limited.

Book Tickets online  or by cash or cheque by arrangement (Email: earlycolonialdance.1788@yahoo.com). Tel: 3289 4708

Doors open at 7:00pm with dancing from 7:30pm.

Ball Programme

Captain Cook’s Country Dance         1797
Duke of Kent’s Waltz                          1802
Malbrouke Cotillon                             1788
Port Jackson                                         1796
Omai                                                       1785

Supper break 8.30 to 8.50

Spanish Quadrille – (3 Figures)      1829
Miss Bennet’s Jigg                              1791
Melbourne Waltz                                1820
Island of Love                                      1780

Dessert & coffee 9.50 – 10.10

La Georgina                                        1820
Lord Nelson’s Waltz                          1800
La Boulanger                                      1803
Lord Castlereagh’s Waltz                 1815
Phillip’s Dog                                       1817

Proposed programme may be subject to change.

Carriages at 11:00pm.

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