This page of contents is in chronological order and lists pages currently available and those proposed and under construction.   For a full index of completed pages visit the alphabetical index.


William Dampier

A Trip to the World’s End

The South Seas

Boscawen’s Frolick – Captain Cook’s early life

Transit of Venus, 1775

Omai, or, With Captain Cook Around The World, a pantomime, 1785

A Trip to Tahiti, 1787

Sailor’s Hornpipe

Lasses of Portsmouth

Botany Bay

Lord Sydney’s Fancy

Scotch Reel

Irish Jig

Lord Howe’s Jig

Australia’s first piano
………Foote’s Minuet

Lady Sydney’s Fancy

Loss of HMS Guardian, a pantomime 1789

The Recruiting Officer

Governor Phillip meets Jane Austen

The Death of Captain Cook, a grand serious pantomimic ballet, 1789

Regimental music

Love in Botany Bay, the favourite grand ballet, London 1789

Matthew Flinders and the Glorious First of June

1 Music, dance, history
2 The Glorious First of June in popular culture
3 Dances entitled ‘The Glorious First of June’
4 A life of exploration
5 Matthew Flinders and the flute

Port Jackson, a dance from 1796

Captain Cook’s Country Dance, 1797

Governor Hunter’s Minuet, 1800

Cheshire Rounds, 1803

Nancy Dawson

Swab the Decks

The Silly Old Man Governor Bligh and the Rum Rebellion

Captain Woodriff and the Wheatstone Manual, 1808

Mrs Macquarie’s Cello
………The Flowers of Edinburgh

Braes of Breadalbane

Francis Girard, dancing master, convict

The Quadrille Arrives

Australian Quadrille Music

Lady Franklin’s Reel

Macarthur’s Jig

Philosophy, fashion, and the art of dance

Basic Steps

Steps for the accomplished dancer

Clog dancing

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