Clog dancing

Emily Leggett of Melbourne dressed for a clog dance performance. 1894.

English clog dancing, which was hugely popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth century in Australian, has almost completely disappeared from our tradition.  However, there are many references and a wealth of collected tunes.  A number of dances have survived, notably the Milkmaid’s Waltz, and the Melbourne Clog Dance.

Clogs were once a common, utilitarian form of footwear worn throughout the British Isles and consequently Australia.  English style clogs with a wooden sole and a leather upper were durable, easily resoled, particularly suited to wet conditions, good for preventing the loss or intrusion of heat, and just as comfortable as shoes.  Clogs were always seen as practical and not fashionable.

Clogs clogs clogs 1919 Advertising. (1919, April 14). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860-1954)

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The great intercolonial clog dancing competition, 1869.















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Instructions for Melbourne Clog Dance.

Instructions and music for Clog Waltz.

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