Australian Quadrille Music

William Ellard’s Much Admired Australian Quadrille 1835

“The much admired Australian Quadrilles, published in Dublin by our enterprising fellow colonist, Mr. Ellard, of Hunter-street, Sydney. There is a simplicity and beauty in the former which we are sure will attract the attention of all young ladies studying the pianoforte, and will be a very good addition to their initiatory studies. With regard to the second, we are satisfied that they will afford many a happy hour of amusement to the Australian daughters and sons of Terpsichore. We strongly recommend them to the attention of the public.”

The Sydney Gazette 12 December 1835 1

“The cover bore an illustration of Sydney Harbour, and a dedication ―to Miss Hely of Engehurst the daughter of Frederick Hely,  Superintendant of Convicts. While there was nothing Australian about the musical contents (based on melodies by, among others, Bellini, Adam, and Lover),  the set’s dedicatee, sale destination, and titles were clearly aimed at a colonial market.”

First National Music. 1788-c.1860.  Graeme Skinner. 2

La Sydney

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Ellard’s La Sydney,
Much Admired Australian Quadrille 1835.










The State Orchestra of Victoria, conducted by Richard Divall, has a recording of La Sydney  on the CD Australia Unite!  [ABC Classics. 2001]


La Wooloomooloo

Listen to La Wooloomooloo (midi)

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Ellard’s La Wooloomooloo,
Much Admired Australian Quadrille, 1835.











La Illawara

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Ellard’s La Illawarra.
Much Admired Australian Quadrille, 1835.










 La Bong-Bong

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Ellard’s La Bong-Bong.
Much Admired Australian Quadrille.1835.










La Engehurst

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Ellard’s La Engehurst.
Much Admired Australian Quadrille, 1835.


Other music available online

SLNSW has digitised The Sydney Quadrilles music (1869) and it includes instructions for each figure.



1The Sydney Gazette 12 December 1835.

2Skinner, Graeme. First National Music. 1788-c.1860 Toward a General History of Australian Musical Composition. Thesis, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2011.




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