A dance unit for primary schools


Dance and the First Voyage of Captain James Cook

 Perfect for learning about how dance was a part of Captain Cook’s first voyage on The Endeavour!  Providing step by step dance performance preparation for your class to participate in school events.

A dance unit for primary schools

  • Includes video, original music and printable worksheet templates for all dances included
  • 10 detailed lesson plans
  • Use as a 10 week unit or as individual lessons to support a HASS unit
  • Includes a cover page so you can make it into a workbook for students
  • Dance lessons that are integrated with music or drama
  • Discussion starters
  • Over 30 separate teaching resources
  • Researched and designed by leading experts in colonial dance and dance education
  • Adaptable for use in a range of year levels 4/5/6 – linking to the Australian Curriculum
  • Historically accurate readings and references from a range of perspectives
  • Pre discussion historical information for teachers
  • Independent tasks appropriate for assessment

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For more Primary Dance Education resources go to http://danceteachingideas.com/category/dance-resources/

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